Domain Privacy

Keeping your domains contact details private can help you avoid nuisance calls and emails.

no domain privacy vs domain privacy

Domain Privacy Add-on Explained

By using our domain privacy add-on your details will no longer be visible when someone perform a whois lookup on your domain name (anyone can perform a whois lookup).

Instead of your details being shown the whois privacy companies details will instead be shown to protect your information.

UK Domain Privacy

You can opt-out your information from whois on a UK domain if it is registered as an individual for FREE.

This only applies to UK domains registered for individuals and not companies or other entities.

UK domains

How To Get Domain Privacy?

Getting domain privacy for your domain is simple - When you are ordering a domain name or domain name and hosting you will be asked if you require domain privacy before you checkout.

Simply check the tick box to add domain privacy to your domain.

If you have already ordered hosting and want to add this add-on then please raise a support ticket from the client area.