Any email accounts you create with your hosting package come with a standard 400mb of space but if that’s not enough you can upgrade your mailbox by using the premium mailbox add-on.

This add-on allows you to add 2GB of space for only £9.31 per year with the option to upgrade to a total of 10GB space for £46.55 per year.



About Premium Mailbox

Premium mailbox is a great add-on for anyone who sends and receives a large amount of emails and needs more space than regular users but doesn't want to delete old emails.

You can upgrade your mailbox at 2GB a time until you need more space, The pricing is an equal amount per 2GB space added:

2GB Space - £9.31
4GB Space - £18.62
6GB Space - £27.93
8GB Space - £37.24
10GB Space - £46.55

How To Get The Premium Mailbox Add-on

You will be offered the premium mailbox add-on when you are ordering hosting.

If you have already ordered hosting and want to add this add-on then please raise a support ticket from the client area.