Domain Transfer In Failed?

If your domain transfer in has failed please be sure to carefully check each step of the transfer in guide found here

Some common problems that cause a domain transfer to fail:

1. Problem:
Domain privacy is enabled causing the authorisation to be sent to the domain privacy companies email address

1. Solution: Remove or temporary disable the domain privacy before re-trying the transfer.

2. Problem: You don't have access or know what email account is registered as the administrative account on your domain

2. Solution: If you don't know what email address is used as the Admin email for your domain you can perform a Whois Lookup and find out by entering your domain name and finding the Admin Email.

If you find that your administrative e-mail address is one that you do not have access to then you should contact your current registrar and ask them to change it to an e-mail account that you do have access to.

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