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Feel free to try out our limited control panel demo that is included with all web hosting packages offered by sparrow hosting!

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An Overview of Control Panel

Sparrow Hosting Control Panel

Features and account overview

Once you have taken out a hosting package with sparrow, you will recieve control panel login details. You will then be able to access your website control panel and all of the features and information that come with it such as: Package type, Server Type, Web Space Used, Bandwidth Used, FTP Login details and much more.

Managing files

The control panel offers many different file management features such as

1. Easy to use file manager: which allows you to create, delete, edit, move and upload files.
2. Check site file permissions: An easy to use tool that allows you to check/edit file permissions of all files on your website.
3. Add additional FTP accounts: If you prefer using FTP instead of our control panel file management then you can add additional FTP accounts (all of our hosting packages allow you to add additional FTP accounts).
4 .Backup/Restore: Allows you to create a full or partial website backup and download it with a click of a button, as well as a restore feature to restore the created backup should the worst happen.
5. Snapshot backup: Automatic daily backups of your full website and all it's files including databases should the worst happen. (please note this is an extra feature that is not included with hosting packages as standard).

File folder


Email is included with all hosting packages and comes with the following features

1. Webmail: check your email's via web browser.
2. Mailbox management: easily add, edit and remove email accounts.
3. Mail forwarding: Automatically forwards email's (e.g. to upto 10 destination emails.
4. Catch All Forwarding: Allows you to forward all email from to an another email address.
5. Mailing Lists: Allows you to send a single email to a group of people. Your customers can sign up to be added to the list by using the simple form included with this system.
6. Email AutoResponders: An email autoresponder sends an automatic email response to addresses you select.
7. Junk Mail Filters: helps filter out junk email.
8. Send-Only Email Addresses: Allows you to send mail from a named address without managing stored mail.
9. Desktop Email: Sync your E-Mail account with a desktop email application such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail.
10. Smartphone Sync: Send and Receive emails from your smartphone with any hosting packages using IMAP, POP and SMTP protocols.

Web stats & logs

Keep track of the visitors coming to your website with ease using the tools included

1. Webalizer: A highly detailed and easily configurable web statistics package that analyses the access log files.
2. AWStats Graphical Statistics: A powerful log analyzer which creates advanced web, ftp, mail and streaming server statistics reports.
3. Open Web Analytics: Easily add web analytics features to web sites and applications with built-in support for popular applications such as Wordpress and MediaWiki.
4. Raw Access Log: Allows you to view access/error logs as well as download a compressed (zipped) version of the full access log.
5. Graphical Access Counter & Hits Logger in One: Add a graphical counter to your website, Also get a full statistics for the page the counter is on.
6. Bandwidth Statistics: Shows the amount of bandwidth used in (past 24 hours, 31 days, 12 months) in the form of graphs.
7. Tracewatch (Real Time Web Stats and Traffic Analysis lets you keep track of the visitors to your website in real time.
8. Piwik: Real time web analytics that provides you with detailed reports on your website visitors: Search engines and keywords they used, Language they speak, your popular pages and much more.

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Web tools

1. MySQL Databases: Create/Edit/Delete/Backup and Restore MySQL databases easily
2. Password Protection: Allows you to password protect a directory on your website.
3. Scheduled Tasks: Allows you to enable programs to run automatically on the server at specific intervals.
4. Sub Domains: Allow you to have a new web address for separate areas of your website, for example you could have
5. Change Your Passwords: Change your Control Panel and FTP/SSH passwords
6. IP Address Blocking: Block chosen IP addresses from accessing your website
7. Website Directory Auto-Indexing: Allows you to either show the content of your web directories as file listings or show them as a "403 forbidden" error message.
8. SSH Server Access: SSH server access allows you to log directly into the server your website is hosted on. You can manipulate your website files using Linux commands. SSH server access is for advanced users.
9. Website Redirects: A Website Redirect allows you to redirect or to a different domain or web address.
10. Switch PHP Version: Choose between PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5

Website help and diagnostics

1. Web Space Checker: Check how much web space you have used on your whole account or specify a directory within your account to check.
2. Perl & PHP Module List: View a list of the Perl, PHP and Pear modules installed on your web hosting server.
3. Paths and Versions: View a list of the the paths to common programs and see their corresponding version numbers.
4. HTHML Validator: Validate the quality of your html using this handy script checker.
5. Perl Validator: Validate the quality of your Perl using this handy script checker.
6. Ping, Trace & Nslookup: You can ping, trace or Nslookup an IP address, hostname or domain.
7. WHOIS Domain: WHOIS allows you to view the full WHOIS output of a domain name.
8. HTML Tidy: HTML tidy will try to tidy up the layout of a HTML page.

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Web resources

1. Free Software: A great selection of software, with a recommended retail value of more than £300, is yours totally free with our hosting accounts.
2. 22,500 Photos: Provides 22,500 loyalty free photo's that can be used for commercial use
3. JavaScript Maker: Our JavasScripts are great little tools to drop into your website to make it more interactive.
4. 100+ Company Logos: Over 100 company logos that can be adapted easily for your own use.
5. Icons: We have sourced a great collection of icons free for you to use on your websites and projects.
6. Email Templates: Open source email templates for your email marketing
7. Web Templates: Over 100 free HTML and CSS website template to get your website off to a great start.
8. Vector Images: A huge collection of over 1,000 vector graphics for you to use on any project.
9. Fonts: Over 130 free fonts for your design projects.

1-Click installs

With our 1-click installer you can install some of the most popular scripts quickly - This includes: Wordpress, BuddyPress, Drupal, Zen Cart, OpenCart, OScommerce, Prestashop, Moodle, Joomla, Mambo CMS and many more (see full list).

1-Click Installs